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4 Tips for Better Sleep in the Summer

June 14, 2022

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For many, summer is a time for exciting vacations and work-free relaxation. Whether you spend it on a road-trip adventure or beachside reading, the season is bound to be enjoyable! However, that view only applies to the daytime. Warm summer nights often make it difficult to get any shuteye, especially for those with disorders like sleep apnea. It can feel like “fun in the sun” comes at the cost of “gloom under the moon,” so to speak. Luckily, your local sleep dentist is here to help. Here’s a summary of why summer can hurt your snoozing and four ways to solve the issue.

“Why Do I Sleep Poorly in the Summer?”

There are multiple reasons you might sleep poorly this season — look at the ones below to see if they apply to your situation.

Hot Weather

It turns out that the human body takes a while to adapt to changes in temperature. Sleep researchers believe people would sleep better in the summer if there were more time to acclimate. Since there isn’t, the unfamiliar heat can make it harder to fall and stay asleep.

Feeling hot also keeps your body from getting deep sleep (i.e., REM sleep), which gives you the hormones you need for quality rest. Without that deep slumber, you’ll slow down at work, lack energy for physical activity, and feel irritable during the day.

Seasonal Allergies

Spring and summer allergies can also hurt your chances of good sleep. As they cause symptoms like sneezing, coughing, itchy eyes, and breathing difficulty, your body will have trouble relaxing enough to doze off.

Later Sunsets

Another prominent part of summer is the longer daylight hours, further enhanced by daylight saving time. This extra light can make nights challenging because it awakens your body, delaying the release of sleep-inducing hormones like melatonin.

“What Can I Do About It?”

To counteract these factors, apply these tips to your nightly routine:

  • Try to Stay Cool: Whether you use a fan or your bedroom’s A.C unit, keep your sleep area cool so high temperatures won’t interfere.
  • Wash Your Sheets and Yourself: To reduce the chance of late-night allergies, wash your linens weekly to get rid of potential allergens. Taking a shower before bed will do this too, not to mention relax your body for a deeper rest.
  • Set a Regular Bedtime: Having a consistent daily bedtime can play an integral role in helping you fall asleep each night.
  • Avoid Alcohol & Caffeine: Alcohol can affect your sleep patterns. Caffeine can leave you jittery and unable to sleep at all.

Summer is one of the few times a year when people can take off work or school for fun. Remember the items above to keep poor sleep from ruining the season’s opportunity!

About the Practice

Dr. L.J. Adam is a dentist based in Worthington, PA, having earned his DMD from the University of Pittsburgh’s School of Dental Medicine. His clinic offers preventive, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry, as well as emergency procedures. He also has training in sleep apnea therapy, having personally tested treatment devices on patients suffering from the disorder. Dr. Adam currently practices at Adam Associates Family Dental and can be reached at his website or by phone at (724)-297-3446.

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