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Worthington Cosmetic Dentist Transforming Smiles

Survey data collected from a variety of sources indicates that the appearance of your smile may dramatically impact your personal and professional life. Employment surveys indicated that applicants were more likely to receive a job offer if they had attractive smiles. Another survey suggested that people considered those with attractive smiles to be smarter, more attractive, and better educated. If you’re dealing with a less than perfect smile, contact Dr. LJ Adam and his dentistry team today. We’ll schedule a cosmetic dentistry consultation at our Worthington, PA office to help patients from Fenelton, Chicora, and other nearby locations find the best cosmetic solutions to improve your smile.

At-Home Teeth Whitening

smiling woman in yellow sweaterMany patients who visit us and want to brighten their smiles have already tried some of the numerous whitening products available at the local pharmacy. Unfortunately, these store bought whiteners don’t typically have much effect on patients’ smiles. Professional take home whitening kits from our office provide effective, predictable results up to ten shades brighter. Our whitening kits include custom crafted application trays, professional level doses of whitening agents, and personalized treatment plans to meet your unique teeth whitening needs.

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smiling womanMany patients who visit us and want to brighten their smiles have already tried some of the numerous whitening products available at the local pharmacy. Today, veneers are one of the most sought-after cosmetic dental treatments. Why? To begin, these thin shells of porcelain and other high-quality dental materials are quite versatile since they can conceal minor gaps, noticeable chips, unsightly stains, and other common imperfections. Furthermore, each veneer is custom-made, the results can last upwards of 30 years, and you won’t have to wait long to achieve your smile goals since the entire treatment process can be completed in just three visits. If this sounds like the perfect smile-enhancing service for you, then schedule an appointment with our Worthington cosmetic dentist.

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Understanding the Cost of Cosmetic Dentistry

As you might know, cosmetic dentistry typically isn’t covered by insurance, given that it’s usually done electively as opposed to for health reasons. That said, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t find a cosmetic treatment that will fit easily into your budget.

While we’ll be happy to review the myriad financial options when we meet you in person, but before then, here’s what you should know about the treatment.

What Cosmetic Dental Service is Right for Me?

One of the difficulties in giving general advice about what cosmetic dentistry will cost you is that the term can be used to refer to more than just one thing. There are many different kinds of procedures that fall under this umbrella, varying widely in their typical applications and their price.

Take-home teeth whitening, for example, is an inexpensive treatment that allows you to radically change the color of your smile by lifting stains from the enamel. On the other hand there are veneers, which can be used to cover the teeth in order to improve their appearance. This is a much more involved procedure, and therefore costs more.

Deciding on your unique treatment plan will come down to a balance between what you personally can afford and what sort of results you’re looking for.

Cosmetic Dentistry Can Be an Investment Worth Making

Cosmetic dentistry can make measurable differences in both how come off to the people around you, and more importantly, what you feel about yourself. While people don’t necessarily value the results they get from cosmetic care on the same level as fillings or crowns, the way they make you feel can be just as impactful.

How to Make Cosmetic Dentistry Affordable

As was mentioned previously, cosmetic dentistry typically isn’t covered by insurance, meaning that it’s typically necessary to pursue alternative methods of making the care affordable. For one, we have a dental savings plan that gives patients 15% discounts on the care that they receive from us, with no contract or enrollment deadlines. If you’re curious about this or any other option for making care affordable, give us a call and we’ll be happy to talk to you about them.

Explain that purely aesthetic dental care is not covered by dental insurance but there are other options available to help make the cost budget-friendly.